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Say "No" to Stomach fat: Be Happier and Healthier!

Belly fat
One of the main causes of illness in the United States today is fat around your belly. You thought I used to be going to say strokes or cancer, but those are just two of the results of excess belly fat. That's why every conscientious person should look into adding a weekly routine of exercises. Belly fat is toxic plus it differs from other fats in 2 ways.

lose belly fat
1. It takes on a life of its own and releases chemicals that keep it in place.

2. It's the most difficult fat to shed from a person's body weight.

Excess belly fat results in a compromised immunity system. It leads to cancer, heart disease, and type-2 diabetes. To acquire rid of the fat around your belly, you don't have to engage in a comprehensive routine of strenuous exercise.

So, before learning about exercises to lose abdominal fat, let's start with a slight tweaking of habits:

� Reduce your salt intake.

� Eliminate caffeine products, especially sugared caffeine drinks.

� Eliminate alcohol. It's just a poison that greatly increases all types of health problems.

� Just drink plenty of water. In fact drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day.

� If you can, eat several small meals every day allowing four hours between each. Your largest meal needs to be breakfast. After that first break from your overnight fast, the foodstuffs should be quite small without any more food as opposed to size of your fist.

� Finally, you should get eight hours of sleep nightly.

Now, these simple exercises only have to be performed two or three times weekly.

1. Sit on a stability ball. Simply remain balanced on the ball for a couple minutes while you're working on the computer or viewing tv.

2. Using a weighted ball, or dumbbell, lie on to the floor with your knees up, feet flat on the floor, and bring the ball with hands all the way from your left to right and back for 3 minutes. As you progress right after weeks try to flex your abdominals and crunches part way.

3. Lie flat on to the floor with your left gain and your right arm up. Push your left leg far on the left while you push your right arm far to the correct and back. Then rotate to right leg and left arm. After a few weeks start rotating both in small circles as you progress.

These steps will assist you to lose dangerous, unsightly belly fat. More importantly, these steps will help you live happier, and healthier!